our story


Poem Children founder Rachel Mowat Smith grew up at the foot of a volcano in New Zealand. She holds an MA in jewellery design from Central Saint Martins and is a mother of two.  Poem Children was developed after bedtime from her home studio in Sussex with the intention to offer devotional gifts of beauty while championing sustainable and ethical production.  

Each Poem Children original piece is handcrafted by Rachel then produced in collaboration with an esteemed British jewellery manufacturing company. Attention to the provenance of materials and the care taken throughout manufacture reflects Poem Children’s core values of beauty and purpose. We cast exclusively in certified Fairmined precious metals and use only ethically sourced gemstones.

Poem Children collections are a legacy, made to the highest standard, each piece will last across generations – carrying heritage and hope onwards on their journey.   

We trust you will love these poetic pieces as much as we’ve loved making them.